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A young artist of heterodox training (oil painting, tapestry, coachwork, dyeing, permaculture), Marine Douet Ortiz is fascinated by the relations that painting maintains with life. Relationships which she explores within itÕs componants (pigments and natural textiles, dyeing plants) as well as with the representative forms she adopts, ranging from the most archaic to the most contempory. The vegetal colours and the organic structures applied to loose net fabric (Herbier provenal Serie) next to paleolithic inspired motifs (Mémoire de la Déesse) flood the architectural space as they do the pages of opening book.

Marine Douet Ortiz

Marine Douet Ortiz live in Marseille, born in 1974. Her most recent research has led her along with the collaboration of an engineer, to exploit the possibilities of artificial intelligence applied to painting, by producing new forms from an artificial neuronal network which deduses stylistic models from her previous paintings.

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