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Olivier Rebufa, is " the man who photographs himself with Barbies". Openingbook photo 002 presents twelve of his self-portraits with dolls starting with the first, undertaken in 1988, in which he applies for the first time that which will become his modus operandi : pasting his own features onto a figurine reduced to the scale of the famous Barbie doll, in order to reintegrate it into a staged setting of the same scale. These images "(…)play on two categories that artistic modernity has only rarely intertwined. The first being that of comedy, born of the consummate science of the artist for the diversion of subject matter. The second being that of psychological investigation, that Rebufa approaches by resorting over and over again to images fashioned for seduction, inciting by extension thought about erotic visual power and it's enunciation strategies. " (Paul Ardenne).

Olivier Rebufa

Olivier Rebufa is a photographer. Born in Dakar in 1958, he lives and works in Marseilles.

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