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Opening book photo 005

Children's gestures, light effects, living or inanimate things seized in the beauty of an instant... minuscule details that Emmanuelle Sarrouy records daily, fragmenting reality in a multitude of tightly framed and softly toned images. The use of a smartphone and it's automatic filters confers onto them a retro effect, an assumed nostalgic weight. She composes these images, these triptychs, short sequences condensing reality, visual haikus, like so many entries into a personal photographic diary. Opening book 005 presents twelve of these triptychs which are a part of, along with other elements (videos, texts), of a multimedia project entitled PERSIKOV (… the path of flowers) a work in progress. “Memories are gone but the images are here and they're real !” Jonas Mekas

Emmanuelle Sarrouy

Multimedia artist, poet, videographer, melting pot enthusiast of all sorts, Emmanuelle Sarrouy practises hybridisation of forms and the mixing of genres. Born in 1968 in Lausanne, she lives and works in Marseilles.

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