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Extra 001_La Dynamite

The work of Anne-Valerie Gasc weaves a contradictory link between the conditions of the apparition of a work of art and those of the disparition, the explosive demolition of architecture.

For Opening, Anne-Valerie Gasc created a series of tracings and models made in 2010 following her visit to the EPC factory (Exposives and Chemical Products) at the La Dynamite* site in Saint-Martin-de-Crau (Camargue). These hitherto unseen documents, gather together the micro-architectures and objects neccessary for the fabrication, experimentation, transport and storage of explosives. They constitute, in the eyes of the artist, a vocabulary of constructed spaces and objects linked to the perspective of their own demolition : the architypes of a possible anti-architecture.

Anne-Valérie Gasc

Anne-Valerie Gasc was born in 1975 in France. She is a resident of the Friche Belle de Mai, in Marseilles, where her workshop is equally situated.

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