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Twelve recent paintings by Aldric Mathieu. "In the serie A lino ma non a fresco, the usual function of linoleum is (also) distorted into an object-painting destined to be a stain of colour on the wall. Underlying several layers of flat tints of paint, the lino is torn into strata which, piled upon on a white background, takes on a cartographic appearance... (...) Mathieu Aldric's plastic research cannot be held in a painting. The canvas on the artificial frame that we know, is deconstructed so as to be one with architecture, place, habitation, reality. Perhaps he continues to deconstruct the codes linked to painting practices in favour of an installation approach, but he reconstructs them in a way that is stronger, truer, more modern,even more vibrant." Mariane Tremblay, « Planter la couleur »* in Zone occupée n°13, juin 2017 *"Planting Colour"

Aldric Mathieu

Born in 1987, Mathieu Aldric devides his life and work between Montreal and Marseilles. Using colours like bricks or as filler, he is something of a builder of painting.

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