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Opening book photo 006

Twelve pictures, specially put together for Opening book, from photographs taken from the series Dogwalk.
“Brigitte Bauer walks her dog every day along the Rhône in the vicinity of Arles.
She always takes her mobile phone with which she photographs her dog as it explores the territory.
Dogs suggest a different way of navigating in the world, a different way of seeing, and they take humans back to a more ancient time, a time before nations and formal borders, to an imaginary utopic life from which fear is absent. It is perhaps, incidentally, for this reason that we have dogs : they remind us that it is possible to emancipate ourselves from the constraints of borders, and to consider the world as an ensemble of liquid territories.” (Paul Wombell)

Brigitte Bauer

Born in Germany, Brigitte Bauer lives and works in Arles. She teaches photography at the Nimes superior school of fine art. The serie Dogwalk was created between 2011 and 2014 in keeping with the mission France(s) liquid territory.

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