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 An interactive and immersive installation, initiated in 2017, Laterna is a work about the running of time, consisting of disparitions, apparitions and modulations, an evolutive environment activated by the spectator. In it's original version, it consists of a 360% continuously projected panorama that is modified by rythme of intervention, influx and passage of the public through the exhibition. The installations principal medium is light, used in association with drawing processes, as well as sculpture and photography. Gaëlle Vaillant has conceived and adapted this dispositif for Opening book, and the digital screen, as a panorama running from page to page, and forming a loop. Endurance and impression of instantaneousness are to be found mixed into the heart of this dispositif, which references the magic lantern as well as it does digital technics, such as video morphing. Reality takes shape at the crossroads of that which is visible and that which is situated outside of the field of sight. The spectator is invited into a mutating environment, a karstique goemorphologic profile, evoking different geographic zones and panoramas from around the world – a moduable horizon.

Gaëlle Vaillant

Gaëlle Vaillant diplomée of the Fine Arts University Marseilles. Born in 1980, she lives and works in Marseilles. In her work, matter, means and support's used are diverses, space is articulated in a physical way, using, as well as, virtual, auditive, literary depending upon componants used, video, sound, light, photography, drawing and sculpture.

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