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Opening book 011

 Which of the themes addressed in Frankenstein are no longer relevant 200 years later? None. Which of the ordeals in Mary Shelley's life are no longer relevant today? None. The two driving forces of this work have not varied since the 11th of November 2017. Today, the series of drawings and images about Frankenstein AND Mary Shelley consists of 365 viewable elements worked with Photoshop. A drawing a day at least. 24 elements for Opening Book Undefined figures, mad cow disease, the game of errors that is not for all, animal masks, carnival, tender gestures, sewing patterns, Antonin Artaud's hand, gloves, ground, underground, worms, mushrooms, pipe dreams, attention and attention for sale, permanent casting, immunity, side effects, the monsters’ fiancée's gown and burial shroud, fitting rooms, spectacle, exoticism, voting booths (1946 for women), Nine Mammerique* Moulds, sewing, copies, wise monkey, yoyo, molecular scissors CRISPR- Cas9, darning**, tales, prosthetics, children, selfies, family, likes which like likes, collateral massacres, armed arms, barriers, walls, applause, cervical matter, anti-personnel mines, frontiers, roly-poly toys, derisory clowns, buoys, collective sports, collective rejections, dark ideas, Mamadou Alpha Diallo and Blessing Matthew pursued by police, administrated rejection, a river lock, butchery, industry, air conditioning, Filipino Facebook moderators commit suicide, Ignore/Delete, lullabies, aggressive tools, gardening, Google sells dead souls for free. * neologism created by the artist, a contraction between “mammary gland” and “Mâlic”, a direct reference to Marcel Duchamp's work Neuf Moules Mâlic (Nine Malic Moulds), 1914-1915. ** ”Ravaudage" in English is "Darning", the artist's surname "Ravaud" equally translates as "Darn".

Noël Ravaud

Born in 1963 (12 years before Roundup), he lives in Marseilles.

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