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Extra 003

Opening book/Chantiers Anaïs Lelièvre The finesse of plane and matter, which emerges or baulks, the erection of buildings and the acknowledgement of cracks, the addition and the loss, the power and the shortage. The construction work sites which generate demolition and waste, on the threshold of the ruin  ; the archaeological dig sites which construct by syntactical recomposition of fragments. Drawing as a process, between project and vestiges. The book a threefold evolutive publication, Opening book/Chantiers becomes the reflection of this method presenting between April and June 2019, in rhythm with their realisation, those objects already done and those still in progress on site. First publication date the 26th of April for the exhibition opening at Port-de-Bouc, update the 7th of June after the inauguration of the exhibition at Cahors and the last volume on the 4th of July after the inauguration of the double exhibition at Loupian.

Anaïs Lelièvre

Anaïs Lelièvre. Visual arts artist born in 1982. Lives and works in residence.

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